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Bake A Gogo

Bake a Gogo is a cake atelier based in Jakarta by Marsella Agatha and Min Ki Kang. Bake A Gogo's looks are playful but we try not to make it look too sugary sweet. Pop colors combined with natural tactile materials such as kraft paper come together as an identity that is whimsical but not over the top.

The illustrations focus on storytelling The Cake Effect, Bake A Gogo’s brand communication theme. They tell situations where people choose to enjoy Bake A Gogo’s cakes over other activities in life. The illustration style itself has a retro feel to it, but with limited color palette we maintained to make it look subtle and warm.

For headlines and display font, we use Flash LT Bold which looks retro and fun. We balance it with Monosten, a monospaced font with rounded features.