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Dari Ngak Ngik Ngok ke Dheg Dheg Plas - Zine Version

In 2019 we helped develop book design for Irama Nusantara's report on Indonesian music during its most tumultuous decade in the 20th century, the 1960's. Along with Norrm and Irama Nusantara, we decided to make this book accessible to public by repackaging it into a zine.

Indonesia during those times is not as globally connected as today. What perceived as 60s design abroad is not the same as what it is locally. Adding to that, design archives from that era is not very well documented in Indonesia, so it took us a lot of deep-digging through research in Indonesian history and archives.
Published byBinatang Press, this zine is Risograph printed and available over at Tokopedia or select independent bookstores.