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Joyland Festival 2022 Design System

After two years, Joyland festival finally returns and this time it's set in Taman Bhagawan Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. The festival's team is known to favor collaborating with emerging illustrators, this time working with Bangkok-based Thanawat S a.k.a Bloody Hell Big Head. Joyland team approached us for thorough festival graphic guidelines to help center Bloody Hell Big Head's illustration as the visual.

We knew we needed typeface that can give stark contrast against the illustrations. With six separate weights, Grotesk Remix felt like the right choice for primary font.

Joyland festival have several different stages with different acts from live music, stand-up comedy and screening. With that in mind, there's a plethora of information needs to be organized. Modular style layout is chosen to help us organize both information and imageries. True to the illustrations' characters, we give outlines to all headlines and modular boxes.