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Herbana - In Search of Relief Sari

Truly effortlessly possible, all herbs and spices grew naturally in the archipelago of Indonesia. For centuries the country has been known for their herbs and traditional medicine. Known as the expertise in producing advanced and high quality traditional herbal medicines, this time Deltomed introduces their newest product line Herbana.

Their first product range is called Relief Sari, a single extract supplement from ingredients harvested in Indonesia. Appointed as part to promote the launch of the product, we think there is no better way than showing off our own backyard Indonesia is series of viral video.

Featuring Tjok Gde Kerthyasa and shot by Davy Linggar, our 'In Search Of..' series began with journey to secluded settlement of indigenous tribe of Dayak Iban in Kalimantan rainforest. This tribe self sustained their sources including food, energy, and herbs. One of them is Pasak Bumi.

Then we take you to the center of Java Island, Jogjakarta. This city is well known for their ancient temples and wisdom. Here we take a closer look at the origin of jamu, Indonesia's traditional medicine.

And finally, we take you to the lush village surrounded by mountains in Sumatra Island. In the valley of Mount Kerinci. In this region, Cinnamon is one of the key income. It grows naturally and has always been maintained to be sustainable for years.