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#StriveOn campaign for Strive Energy Bar

Strive is a naturally made vegan energy bar. It has strong presence in its grasroot community, but it needs to expand its communication to wider audience. The 1984 helped extend its brand into a social media campaign, the main agenda is to tell Strive's story in a more compelling way.

To begin with, we restructure the communication architecture, and provided #StriveOn as the main big idea. We strengthen Strive's positioning in order to bind its communication touch points altogether. #StriveOn is a campaign where both the brand and communities can share their first-hand experience and expertise regarding how to best consume Strive's product.

When we first worked with Strive, the branding is already there so our job is to continue by developing a consistent looking campaign. We go through to details of color, forms and typography selections, to help highlight Strive's natural looking product. Overall, the visual direction is all about letting out and strengtheing Strive's authentic voice.