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Tavi is a halal, vegan, and environmentaly friendly skincare and beauty brand by PT Paragon Technology and Information. When it comes to visual identity, Tavi aims to challenge conventional stereotypes of what an entry-level beauty brand should look like.

Through its simplicity, Tavi looks for bolder ways to tell its story. Our visual identity is well composed, pulling distinction from familiar beauty tropes by immediately communicating the product proposition: A foolproof beauty lines that allows you to explore your true self and be creatively curious in this world.

Tavi pursues all lowercase approach for the logo. The circular rhythm of the logo is broken through the inktraps on letter ‘a’ and ‘v’, adding distinctive but low-key character to the logo. The typeface pairing complements the brand’s conversational and approachable tone of voice. Mohol's letterform gave out that wonky, off-balanced feel. Paired with GT Walsheim's clean look, we see starkly contrast against Mohol's quirkiness.

Talent photo
Photographer: Yessié&Aigye
MUA: Dhirman Putra
Stylist: Jonathan Andy Tan

Product photo
Photographer: Njata Studio