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The Mahitala

Deltomed Laboratories is a master of traditional medicine with more than 40 years of experience in cultivating and nurturing the earth’s herbal sources. The Mahitala serves not only as a working place, but it's a home of their beloved company where corporate culture & ethos is nurtured.

Mahitala in Sanskrit means Earth. The whole building is a true reflection of its owner's deep knowledge and strong believe in nature. True to its adaptive purpose, the layout may seem slightly irregular at first but this serves as a way to create a cooler environment from the tropical sun.

The 1984 develops logo and branding system for the building. The brandmark is inspired by the name Mahitala itself, hence the topographic reference.

Inspired by its assymetrical characteristics, we've chosen Space Mono by Colophon Foundry as a primary typeface. The monotype characteristics of the typeface compliments very well with Andra Matin’s sparse and raw feel on The Mahitala’s design