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Zinetflix - Dari Meleset Jadi Melesat

March is National Film Month in Indonesia. To celebrate, Netflix Indonesia launches film-themed zine called Zinetflix each March of the year. This year's theme is 'Dari Meleset Jadi Melesat'. It highlights the local film industry's learning process throughout the year, looking not just into their success alone but how they actually handle failure.

It's the first time Zinetflix is published as printed material so we think Risograph printing method suits the theme perfectly.

We picked sturdy fonts designed for longform reading like Roslindale by David Jonathan Ross and Swear from OH No Type. We give contrasting element by throwing in some powerful display type like Max Kobuzan's Segment A, Ecelectotype's Gelica and Everett by Noran Paparelli.

The contents are printed in 3 colour Risograph on top of 120 gsm Munken Pure Paper and Arctic Paper whilst offset printing method is chosen for the cover.

Zinetflix is published by Binatang Press, available for free on selected retailers.