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The 1984 was founded in 2013 by Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga and Johansyah Moechtar. They left advertising industry with a desire to focus more on visual exploration in creative process. Our studio covers diverse creative services like art direction, branding, editorial design, packaging, and animation, combining digital tools with traditional crafts such as linocut, silkscreen and risography.

For the last ten years, our focus has been actively contributing to Indonesia’s thriving local scene, supporting communities and businesses through concept development, design projects, and all other related activities. We’ve also collaborated with international commercial clients. With years of experience, we nurtured a problem-solving mindset and a genuine enthusiasm for creative exploration.


Andreas Junus
Founder, Creative Director

Irawandhani Kamarga
Founder, Creative Director

Johansyah Moechtar
Founder, Managing Partner

Ryan Makasutji
Senior Project Manager

Illouka Isaura
Senior Project Manager

Smita Kirana Basuki
Senior Creative Associate

M Dzulfiqar Nainggolan
Senior Creative Associate

Tnajel Van Diest
Creative Associate

Joey Fong
Creative Associate

Rifkia Utami
Creative Associate

Farrel Arifin

THE 1984
Jl Gandaria VI/9
Kramat Pela
Jakarta 12130
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